In a coastal environment it is essential that your electric or manual storm shutters be maintained properly in order to ensure their continued reliable operation.

Roll-a-way of Delmarva started off in the service business. We have built our foundation upon providing reliable service to our customers. In most cases we can be at your location within 24 hours of your call. When we arrive we assess your needs and try to fix your storm shutter efficiently and effectively. We don’t send our salesmen on our service calls and our techs do not receive any incentives to sell parts. We always provide a quote prior to beginning work, so you know up front what you are going to pay.

Shutter Maintenance and Operating Instructions

Your QMI Rolling Shutters should be operated as often as possible to ensure optimal performance. Once
per week is recommended, but a minimally accepted standard is once per month. This will shake loose any
foreign substance that may accumulate on the slats and side tracks.
DO NOT force your shutter to open or close.

MONTHLY MAINTENANCE: With the shutters in the completely open position, use a damp cloth or towel to
wipe down the inside of the side tracks. Spray the inside of the side tracks with DRY SILICONE SPRAY ONLY.
DO NOT use any oil-based lubricants such as WD-40. Then, dampen a cloth with the silicone spray and wipe
down the outside of the box housings, the exterior of the side tracks and the entire universal and handle
assembly. This procedure should be performed once per month if possible, or minimally once every
three months.

CLEANING: Should you wish to wash the shutter slats, place the shutters in the completely closed position
and wash slats using Fantastic, 409, or equivalent. RINSE COMPLETELY.

SANDY CONDITIONS: After a storm event, or if rolling shutters have been in the down position for
prolonged periods, it is important to hose off the shutter BEFORE operating the shutter back up into the box
housing. Sand and debris can accumulate in the slat hinges and prohibit smooth operation of your shutter.
Starting at the top of the curtain, use a spray attachment on a water hose and thoroughly spray along each
slat segment to ensure sand and debris are removed from the curtain area. Additionally, spray the vertical
side track openings starting at the top, and working down the track opening clearing any debris buildup.
Saturate the rail felt to break down embedded salt and debris. Wash the curtain and rails with a cleaner/
degreaser – such as Simple Green with a soft bristled brush.

WINTER CONDITIONS: During freezing conditions, ensure the curtain and side tracks are clear of any ice or
snow buildup before raising the shutter into the box housing. Raising the shutter with frozen debris attached
to the curtain or rails could cause damage to the shutter system. Additionally, use caution not to roll up a wet
shutter curtain when freezing conditions may be imminent as dropping temperatures could freeze the water
on the coiled curtain with ice inside the box housing. If the shutter is not operating smoothly during freezing
conditions, never force the shutter up or down.

To operate gear and crank shutters:
To Raise: Stand away from the wall holding the crank handle at a 45° angle, bend the
handle at the two elbows and turn the handle until the shutter is in the desired position.
DO NOT attempt to roll the curtain all the way into the box housing – 2-3” of slat MUST
stay engaged in the side rails.
To Lower: Hold the crank handle in the same fashion as described above. Turn the crank
handle in the opposite direction until shutter is closed, and turn no further. DO NOT FORCE.

When operating motorized shutters: Ensure the shutter travel is clear of obstacles.
Visually observe the shutter travel when operating the remote control or switch to ensure
the curtain is not obstructed during operation. There are no reversing sensors on the
shutter and damage may occur to the shutter or the obstacle. Obstructions can also throw
off the upper or lower limit stops creating the need to reset them. Damages caused or
repairs required due to shutter obstructions are not covered by warranty.

Locks: If you have slide locks, ensure the slide locks are completely drawn into curtain
before operation. For cylinder locks, occasionally use a PTFE based dry film lubricant
such as Blaster (found at Home Depot) or CRC, in keyway to keep debris clear and to
lubricate lock tumblers.

Limited Warranty

QMI warrants its shutters to be free from defects in material and workmanship under
normal and proper use for a period of one (1) year. QMI provides a five (5) year warranty
on all slat finishes. Electrical motors and electrical accessories are warranted for two
(2) years starting from the date of invoice, final completion of the installation, or when
the subject property is turned over to the owner for new construction, whichever
occurs first.

QMI is not responsible for material failure due to inadequate or faulty installation,
unless QMI provided the installation. QMI shall not be liable for any injury, loss or
damage, direct or indirect, arising out of use of equipment, or the inability to use
equipment. Before using, the customer or any third party shall determine the suitability
of the product for its intended use. The customer assumes all liability in connection
therewith. The articles that are replaced pursuant to the terms of this warranty shall
be retained by QMI. All costs related to installation of the QMI equipment covered by
this warranty are not the responsibility of QMI. All costs related to installation of the
QMI equipment covered by this warranty are not the responsibility of QMI, unless QMI
provided the installation.

The warranty does not cover the cost for demolition or repair to service the shutter,
when the shutters are built-in and not fully accessible.
The foregoing warranty
is exclusive of, and in lieu of, all other warranties of quality, whether written, oral,
or implied.

We appreciate your business and are looking forward to helping you maintain your investment throughout the years. Please feel free to contact us to set up a free in home consultation and ensure that you will enjoy the use of your storm shutters for years to come.