Why Choose Us

Highest Quality Parts

  • SIMU European Motors (no Chinese)
  • Aluminum Drive Tubes (no galvanized)
  • Stainless steel proprietary idler bracket (bearing side)
  • Aluminum idler (not plastic)
  • No slat hangers – special extrusion attaches to drive tube and slats all the way up
  • Solid aluminum bar placed into machined slot in end cap strengthen end cap
  • End caps have special pre-treatment so powder coat can withstand salt air


  • Each shutter is labeled with a unique serial number that contains all of the information for the parts used to build and future repairs
  • Each shutter is completely assembled and tested after being manufactured to assure that it operates correctly and is of the highest quality
  • Shutter warranty is backed up by international manufacturer


  • AL-7 and Qompact are the result of 25 years of research and development of rolling shutters by QMI
  • AL-7 and Qompact are patented in the US and internationally and are unlike any other rolling shutter systems in the world. These systems are manufactured ONLY by QMI
  • Qompact has the smallest boxes of any rolling shutter ever
  • Before QMI launches any rolling shutter system, the systems are run the equivalent of 30 years, one cycle a day, at a minimum.
  • Lab tests show the shutters are tested at wind pressures of 160psf, which means wind speeds over 200 mph.